Urban Weep (2016)


Ramon Sadîc and Bubblegun

9A, White Night of the Galleries (NAG#9), Bucharest

The videos presents an artificially created urban individual (”artifical individual”) – by circumstances triggered by malfunctions of some lightning installations. The malfunction is interpreted as being intentional and produced by a highly intelligent individual. The defective small lights rhythm signals a ”presence” and an attempt to communicate made by an ”AI” (artificial individual) trapped inside an aesthetically dull frame.

“Black & more” episode #1( Urban Weep )

“Km 0” episode #2 ( Urban Weep )

“Sounds like 45” episode #3 ( Urban Weep )


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Ramon Sadîc and Bubblegun – Urban Weep, images from the group show at 9A pop up gallery, Bucharest 2016