Roll Up Art – “I Love Bucharest” (2006)

Roll Up Art is a public art project that gathers together contemporary works of visual art of Romanian and international artists and displays them in large, crowded areas in Bucharest. This way, the passer-by is invited to contemplate contemporary artworks in an alternative unlimited and much more direct exhibition space. While the first edition (November 4,5, 10,11 2006) focused on Romanian artists, the second one (March 27, 28, 29 2008) broadened the international input of works of art.
The project is based on two aspects:
-the promoting of artists and their work
-an informative and educational process for the public.
Roll Up Art intention is to erase the present cultural distance between the West-European cities and Bucharest, as well as bringing down the distance between the artist and his/her audience, between art and its spiritual “consumer”.Roll Up Art began as an experiment on May 5, 2006, at the Street Fest event organised by the Romanian Architects Trade Union on Arthur Verona street.
The project breaks the barriers between art galleries – classical exhibition spaces that usually lack visitors except for varnishing days, and public space – a much more dynamic space that can bring the works of art directly to the audience, greating and gaining its public through a non-mediated approach.

The project makes it possible for artists to show their art to a larger public, contributing to a raising audience.
Roll Up Art has so far projected over one thousand works of visual arts (painting, sculpture, graphics, installation, photography, video, contemporary dance) on screens of over 60 sqm. Artists from Romania, UK, USA, Sweden, Netherland, Ireland, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Philippine and India showed their works to a large public.

The project is an initiative of Asociatia din Pod, Bucharest – Romania